The ultimate gift for those of us who love lazy Sundays but should actually be cleaning our home. The Fuller Bruch Company Pretty and Pink Quick Clean Slippers help you be a little more productive without ever getting out of your pajamas! These cute and comfortable cleaning slippers have microfiber fingers on the bottom that make cleaning your floors extremely easy. Not only that, but the slippers come with detachable soles that you can throw in the wash or take them off to put your feet up on the couch! They make the whole process of cleaning your floors fast and easy. Make sure to get these slippers now, and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning all that dust or pesky dog hair again!


Fuller Brush Company has been determined to bring innovation to your home since 1906. Fuller Brush brings refined products in cleaning, cooking, and personal care that can make everyone’s life a little easier. Make sure you check out all the different products we offer, as these products are perfect gifts for your closest friends and family! With over 100 years of excellence Fuller is recognized for its quality craftsmanship and is dedicated to providing long lasting products that will last a lifetime. Visit for more information.

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