Fuller Brush Man, what can I use to cut down my use of paper towels?

Fuller Brush Company offers a wide variety of eco-friendly friendly products. With the current importance of environmental friendly products, Fuller Brush Company has made it a priority to enforce eco-friendly products that are efficient! Here are some essential cleaning cloths that can make your life, as well as the ecosystems life, a little easier. (Not to mention lighter on the wallet… as there is no need for paper towels when you have reusable cloths!)


Natural Jute Scrub Cloths: These wonderful, all natural cloths can be used as both a scrubber and a polisher. These cloths are made with jute, which brings the ability to clean your finest cookware without leaving any scratch marks. Not only do these cloths make cleaning easier, but once you are done with them you can just throw them in the washing machine and drier and they’ll be good as new. They’ll make cleaning your kitchen protects easy as pie! Plus they cloths are hand woven!



Organic Cotton All Purpose Cloths: This all-purpose cloth is perfect to clean anything and everything! This amazing cloth can be used to clean counter tops, to glass, and even for personal use in the shower. After one easy rinse after using the Organic Cotton All Purpose Cloth, it will be brand new. This cloth is unlike any other, and when you rinse it off, all the particles will wash away. It also brings the convenience of being thrown straight into the wash and drier. These Organic cloths are also hand woven!


Various Microfiber Cloths & Quilted Dish Clothes: These products are known as “miracle workers” for a reason! They combine the ability to scrub off stains while never leaving a mark. Not only that, but they can clean up about any mess and will get your house looking like you hired a cleaning service.

So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of those paper towels and join us in sustainability!

Fuller Brush Company is proud to provide quality cleaning items that are not only functional but eco-friendly as well! With over 100 years of excellence Fuller is recognized for its quality craftsmanship and is dedicated to providing long lasting products that will last a lifetime. Visit www.fuller.com for more information.

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